September in the garden… what to do next?

September is a great month in the garden, days are drawing in and cooling down from the summer, with a little more wind picking up generally. But there’s still lot’s to be done, this is just a brief overview of the month ahead:

  • Start to enjoy the fruits (no pun intended) of your labour, if you have a vegetable or fruit garden, and net any leafy crops to protect them from the birds
  • Start to pick any autumn berries
  • Dig up any potatoes before the slugs find them
  • Remove any seed heads you have left on your annuals and keep them for next year
  • Divide any herbaceous perrenials you have
  • Clean and disinfect your greenhouses, ready for over wintering tender plants
  • Net your ponds to prevent leaves entering the water
  • Plant next spring’s bulbs
  • Take cuttings of tender perrenials in the greenhouse
  • Fuscias and other tender perrenials should be brought in toward the end of the month if the temperatures start to drop. Don’t wait for the first frosts!
  • Mow the lawn less, and raise the blades of the mower
  • September is the last chance to use a lawn weedkiller, let it do its thing, then scarify and aerate the lawn, give it a high potassium feed
  • Dress any low points of the lawn and reseed any patches
  • Late flowering shrubs and climbing roses can be pruned back now once flowering has finished. Cut the main branches back to a couple of buds
  • Evergreen and hardwood cuttings can be taken now
  • Watch out for pests. Check any plants you are bringing in for red spider mites scale insects and mealybugs, also check rootballs for vine weevils and treat as necessary.

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