Gardening all year round

The garden never stops growing and a garden is never finished, meaning the gardening is never finished either.

Gardening all year round is extremely rewarding, sowing in the spring, hedges to be cut and lawns to be mowed, beds full of flowers in the summer, harvesting vegetables in the autumn and maintenance of your hard landscaping or creating new features in the winter; there’s never a dull moment.

Gardening is a labour of love sometimes, requiring dedication through the winter to keep going when everyone is cosy indoors by the fire, but come the summer your garden will shine, giving you an amazing feeling of satisfaction and pride.


The start of the growing season, spring bulbs wake up and the garden shoots into life. Bringing us swathes of colour, bright green shoots and a freshness in the air. It’s a busy time in the garden, both inside and out.

  • Sow your seeds for your vegetables and bedding plants
  • Get a head start on the weeds, and hit those beds, making weeding a priority
  • Mulch and manure the borders
  • Lift and split hardy perennials
  • Prune roses before they start to shoot
  • Plant hardy annuals
  • Plant new trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Feed shrubs and hedges
  • After the frosts plant dahlias and leave your half hardy annuals out
  • Take cutting from perennial shrubs
  • Clip hedges
  • Start mowing the lawn.


The perfect season, eruptions of colour everywhere, long warm evenings to enjoy the fruits of your labour sat relaxing in the garden with a Pimm’s or a G&T.

  • Keep on top of the deadheading to prolong flowering
  • Feed and water
  • Sow winter bedding, perennials and biennials
  • Soak any winter planted trees and shrubs in dry periods
  • Keep mowing and clipping, though raise the blades to keep the lawn green
  • Sow hardy annuals for autumn borders
  • Deadhead perennials, stake new growth
  • Take cuttings from shrubs.
  • Clear excess growth from ponds


The growing year is winding down and autumn is the season of tidying and preparation. Nature is now slowing down as the temperature begins to drop slowly.

  • Bring non hardy plants in or protect them before the first frosts
  • Tidy up perennials, leaving the seed heads for the birds
  • Plant evergreens and conifers, the ground is still quite warm
  • Plant spring bedding and bulbs
  • New lawns can go down as long as its not too wet
  • Plant deciduous trees, climbers and shrubs
  • Lock everything down so that nothing can blow around the garden, check those fences!
  • Clear up leaves and debris, compost what you can
  • Take hardwood cuttings from trees and shrubs
  • Prepare your palms for winter with fleece wraps
  • Stop feeding fish below 10°C
  • Check and clean pond filters
  • Clear leaf litter and debris
  • Winterise lilies and non hardy pond plants.


The dormant season, the garden is nearly asleep, though not quite. This season can see those new projects become a reality, decking, patios, walls and water features taking shape ready for the following year. Colours in season come from the evergreens and brightly coloured barks such as Dogwood.

  • Keep cutting the lawn while mild and dry enough but raise the blades on your mower
  • Keep trimming the hedges while it is mild, but be careful not to scalp them
  • Wrap pots in bubble wrap to keep roots warm
  • Clean and treat patios and decking
  • Order your seeds and plan your flower beds for the spring
  • Build walls and lay patios, though avoid mortars if there is a chance of frost as it will freeze and not bond properly
  • Dig out those new ponds and use the soil in raised beds
  • Create new deck areas, pergolas and archways
  • Lay new paths and gravel areas
  • Bring you gardening indoors with houseplants.

If you love your garden, but dont have the time or knowledge to be a gardener then call us, we would be pleased to help you however much or little you require. Just drop us an email or call us to find out what we can do for you.

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