Pond and stream remodel and extension

We were called in to have a look at an existing pond with a stream which leaked. The client wanted a remodel to extend the pond and make the stream look more natural; as it was currently dead straight with the liner exposed.

First thing to do was catch the fish and empty the pond; and remove the existing preformed fibreglass pond.

We marked out a new shape and size and got to work digging, removing the slate and rocks as we went so that we could reuse them later.

The new pond was to be another foot deeper at the lowest point, with wider shelves  plus an extra one. At the surface the pond edges were sloped gently into the water so that we could hide the new 40 year flexi pond liner.

Once the desired shape and dimensions were attained the whole pond was lined with a fleece underlay to protect the liner from any sharp objects we may have missed in the soil. Once the underlay was in place it was time to slide the liner into the new pond.

The liner was pushed into the hole roughly, ensuring there was enough excess to enable us to trim right to the edge. Once this was complete we started to fill the pond and start working on the stream, going back to the pond occasionally to fold the liner around the contours of the pond shape to minimise the amount of creases visible in the liner.

The stream was shaped using the spoil from the pond excavation. There was already some height with an old rockery in one corner of the garden, so this seemed like the perfect place to create the ‘spring’ with water cascading down a rocky inlet, before widening the stream as it meandered toward the pond. As the water left the wider ‘bay’ the stream narrowed to speed the water up. By adding lots of rock to the narrow channel we were able to increase the sound of the water rushing over it before allowing it to spill out into the pond from a flatter waterfall rock we had selected.

We did bring in a couple of crates of mid size slate rocks to create the effect, of which we were extremely please, as was our client.

All that remained was to add the remaining rock to the exposed areas around the stream  and cover the edges and bottom with slate chippings, hiding the liner completely. Slate chippings were also added to the edge of the pond, running them right up to the edge of the lawn.

Unfortunately as we had reused the slate chippings and some rocks the water went a lovely brown shade for our photographs. This would have cleared overnight with the filter running.