Ponds & Water Feature Design

Pond design is a relatively new concept.

In years gone by most garden ponds were just an afterthought. Often nothing more than a hole in the ground, lined with black plastic or waterproofed concrete. Filled with water and a few fish, with little thought to aesthetics, little or no filtration and rudimentary planting.

Ponds like this quickly became neglected. They were unloved and either left to become an overgrown soup or filled in after a while.

Modern ponds are far from this.  Pond design has come a long way, they are now features, clean and fresh, and styled to enhance your garden. Whether that’s contemporary shapes using cedar, polished granite and stainless steel. Or a natural free form pond created to look like it has always been there.

The perfect pond design for you

Hockley Landscapes will give you the perfect pond design or water feature. Ensuring it becomes a focal point of your garden, with the tranquil sound of the water.

Our pond designs ensure that whether you want a pond to encourage wildlife, a natural rocky stream running through your garden, a contemporary pond or a spectacular Koi pond; you won’t be disappointed.

Any water feature in your garden will encourage wildlife. You’ll find that birds will come to drink and wash, keeping the insects under control. Even families with small children can have a water feature in the garden which is safe and attractive as long as it is designed well.

Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll happily advise you and create a beautiful pond design. We are sure that you will be amazed by our bespoke pond design, and you will want us to create it for you.

Even if we aren’t providing you with a full garden design. We’ll advise you of from the most suitable location. Specify the most suitable filtration and pumps so that your plants, and fish will thrive.

Contact us now to find out more.

If you feel that a pond would be too much to maintain, then talk to us about our pond maintenance services.