Ponds & Water Features

At Hockley Landscapes we love ponds and water features. Including them in any garden really transforms the atmosphere. The sound of the water running through streams and over waterfalls, and the dragonflies buzzing around in the summer sun. A sense of peace and serenity on a warm summers evening while enjoying a glass of wine or an impromptu barbecue with friends.

Everyone has a different perception of the ideal water feature. To some a water feature is a pond, some with a few goldfish, some think of a koi pond stocked with specimen fish costing hundreds of pounds each. While others think of a small barrel with a bamboo spout, or a feature rock with water gently bubbling out of the centre like a natural spring.

Water features can be anything you imagine, and that fits with your garden. They can be made from any material you want, glass, stainless steel, wood, rock, ceramic. The perfect location is also as ambiguous as the material, OK the majority of them are floor mounted as you would expect But they can also be on wall or even emerging from within the wall, even water cascading from above, from the top of a garden building or pergola, splashing into a pool or onto an area of pebbles, there really are no boundaries.

Specialists in Ponds and Water Features

At Hockley Landscapes we are specialists in Ponds and Water Features, with decades of experience in aquatics, both outside in the garden and indoors. We have the skills to create the perfect water feature for you, one that will give you years of pleasure. We can even overhaul existing ponds that have been poorly designed, suffered leaks and failures, or have just been neglected and left to become wild.


  • Pond design and installation
  • Leaking pond repairs
  • Pond maintenance and care
  • Marginal and pond planting
  • Waterfalls and natural streams
  • Pondless water features

Contact us to discuss your ideas, whether its a traditional koi pond or a contemporary water feature.