Pond Maintenance & Repair

Do you have a dirty or leaking pond? No longer able to see the fish in it? Has your filter slowed down or stopped? Or do you have a problem with algae or blanket weed? Then you need Hockley Landscapes; With over 35 years of aquatic experience we are ideally placed to give you the pond maintenance service you deserve.

Our services include:

  • Full pond maintenance, deep clean and service
  • Leaking pond repairs
  • Waterfall rebuild, leak repair and maintenance
  • Algae and blanket removal
  • Filter clean and maintenance
  • New filter design and installation
  • UV unit supply and fit, and bulb replacement
  • Complete pond rebuild and overhaul
  • Installation of nets and grids to keep your fish safe

Full pond maintenance and service

Most ponds need an annual service, clearing the black sludge from the bottom. Giving the filter a much needed clean and overhaul. Repairing any persistant leaks or problems and giving your fish the best environment to thrive.

There are so many permutations, combinations of filter systems and designs, pumps, UV units, sizes and depths. Almost every pond is individual, with differing requirements, there isn’t a one size fits all approach to pond maintenance and care.

We will catch and remove your fish, keeping them safe while we give your pond a thorough clean. Pressure washing the algae from it and cleaning the black sludge that can gather in the bottom. Once we have cleaned and emptied your pond we will cut back your plants, split and repot them if necessary. Then clean out your filters, replace the UV tube if necessary and refill it. Ensuring the water is safe for your fish and return them to a nice clean home.

Leaking pond repair

There comes a point in the life of every pond when there is a leak. Often leaks cannot be easily seen, and can be extremely frustrating.

There can be so many reasons a pond is leaking, it could be:

  • A perished liner
  • The concrete has lost its waterproof tanking and become porous
  • Something has caused a puncture
  • A drain or filter pipe is leaking, the filter is damaged or is chocked and overflowing.

We will find it and repair it for you.

Waterfall and stream maintenance

Waterfalls and streams often require maintenance. Pets and large birds can often dislodge poorly built rock work, causing it to collapse and create unwanted water flow, sometimes causing it to overflow and lose water.

We can rebuild or renew your waterfalls, making them look totally natural, you wont see a hint of black liner once we have finished!

Algae and Blanketweed

These two are the arch enemy of many pond keepers. Algae blooms causing unsightly and unhealthy water conditions. Or Blanketweed that can choke the pond, even causing some species of fish to drown. Yes some fish can drown!

We will first of all remove the offending algae or blanketweed and then counteract the chemical imbalance that caused it in the first place.

Filter cleaning and maintenance

Most filters don’t receive nearly enough maintenance and become slow and inefficient over time. We will empty and thoroughly clean your filter, replace any parts or media as required. Then flush it properly before refilling it, leaving it performing at full capacity.

New filter design and installation

For most people the idea of a new filter is visiting the aquatics centre and asking them to recommend one. Ironically these centres are often staffed by people who aren’t knowledgeable about aquatics only the products themselves. It’s a certainty that none of them know anything about your pond.

We will look at your pond and design a system for it, pairing quality components together to give you the optimal filtration.

UV unit installation and maintenance

An Ultra Violet or UV unit is a fairly new innovation in pond maintenance, but probably the least understood.

A UV unit does play a role in a well designed pond filtration system, but it is not the miracle cure many claim.

A few of the myths surrounding a UV unit are:

  • The light is glowing, so the unit is working. This isn’t true, UV bulbs have a lifespan and UV is invisible to the naked eye, so you cannot tell by looking at.
  • UV bulbs sterilise the water killing parasites and disease. Again, untrue, they will only keep water borne disease under control, not kill it.
  • UV units effect the water chemistry and can be harmful. This one is a joke, UV units are used to treat drinking water and do not in any way change the water chemistry.

We will maintain your UV unit, cleaning it properly ensuring the UV light can effectively treat the water which circulates around it, and replace the bulbs when required.

When fitting a new unit we will pair it to your pond, making sure it is the correct size to ensure it does its job well.

Pond rebuild and overhaul

Sometimes there comes a time in a pond’s life when some serious work needs to be undertaken. It could be that the pond is raised and the walls are crumbling from frost damage. The liner has outlived its working lifespan and is no longer watertight. Or that the pond owner wants to overhaul it completely.

There is nothing we love more than new or rebuilding ponds. We will redesign your pond and filter system as required. Complete the build, including excavation and retaining walls, and most importantly ensuring your fish safe while the work is completed.

We are sure you will be surprised by our quote and how quickly we can complete the work and we will work at times to suit you.

Installation of nets and grids

Many pond owners fear their prized fish being taken by the neighbourhood cats or by passing herons. While it is possible for a cat to catch a fish, usually they just injure it. The biggest threat to pond fish is the heron.

Having a net or grid doesn’t look great, and only a last resort for many pond owners. But if your fish stocks are dropping then often it is the only surefire way of stopping them. Heron’s will return time after time to eat from your pond until the pond is empty. I have heard countless stories from people who have lost thousands of pounds worth of fish to the birds.

We can install a low impact net over your pond to deter the predators, it will never be invisible but we will minimise the visual impact it has.

We can install other methods of protection against herons, our favourites are invisible fences, made from low gauge wire or nylon braid supported on uprights that can be incorporated into post lighting. When the heron touches the fence it spooks it and it leaves.

There are also water sprays that are designed to scare herons. These have a motion sensor and emit a high pressure water jet, which startles the heron. The birds can however get used to these and ignore them, so they have to be moved regularly for maximum effect. These sprays can result in soggy dogs and pond owners though!

Heavier duty grids and grates can also be fitted to ponds where safety concerns are prevalent. Usually the risk of young children falling into the water prompts these grids.

We can custom make a grid to fit your pond out of steel mesh which will stop them entering the water whatever the size of your pond, and to a design to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If your pond doesn’t need a full clean, then we can tailor our services to what you need, even if it is just rebuilding a waterfall or stream, or repairing a leak.

The only way you know we have been in your garden is that you will have a beautifully clear pond, with no mess left behind. We are sure that you will be amazed by what we can do for you. Call or email us to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation quote.