Garden design through the winter

With the nights drawing in, the leaves falling from the trees and the temperatures plummeting you would be forgiven for thinking that work in the garden is over for another year. But that is certainly not the case, its time for you to think garden design

Winter is the ideal time to get your big plans in order and underway. There’s less pressure in the winter to complete a project, as quickly as you would in the height of the summer, as the garden is not in daily use.  With a little forward planning and knowledge your garden can be at it’s peak when spring arrives, raring to go, ready for those warm days and longer days.

Any garden design or landscaping business worth their salt and even some DIY enthusiasts will know that really low temperatures and fresh cement don’t mix. The water in mortar and concrete can freeze, causing weaknesses, cracks and flaking. But if you plan it correctly and take some basic precautions you can still get those hard landscaping jobs done, even in the depths of winter.

At Hockley Landscapes we love nothing better than being out in the crisp fresh air, turning new designs into reality for our clients. Creating new patio spaces, walls, raised beds and decks, tackling those problem areas in the garden, preparing borders for spring planting that will become and incredible display throughout the year.

Consider your garden, what you would really like to do with the space. Do you want to have intimate spaces created? Your own oasis away from it all? Or would you like to incorporate an impressive barbecue space for entertaining friends and family with more than a few burned sausages, even create your own bar right in your own home.

Talk to Hockley Landscapes  about your plans, we’ll pull all of your ideas and desires together, and draw up a design for you, cost it all out and turn it into a reality. We are sure you will be surprised with how much we can achieve for you in any sized space.