Canalside parking – Tamworth

My customers had purchased some rough land between their property and the canal.
They did this with a view to creating some much needed extra parking spaces for three vehicles.



We drew up a plan and got to work; first off digging out
tons and tons of soil with an excavator, spreading it and levelling it along the side of the property, gradually sloping down to the rear garden. The soil itself was a challenge, very heavy clay full of large stones and rocks.

The parking area itself was then roughly levelled.

RSJ’s were then sunk into the ground and concreted in
place, with braces extending into the bank to aid them holding back the soil. In between the RSJ’s we slotted oak sleepers with a damp membrane behind them to extend their lifespan. In the future when one rots they can just be slid out and new ones slotted into place.

Once the retaining sleeper wall was completed, the parking space floor was levelled finally. On top of the soil we laid a heavy duty membrane to prevent weed growth. On top of that we placed plastic driveway grids and filled them with black basalt chippings to comply with drainage regulations.

Not an easy job, but it made such a difference to our clients, always having parking available for guests to use.