Garden Maintenance


Everyone’s garden is different, and gets used in different ways. Our garden maintenance services will leave your garden looking great all year round.

Often this regular maintenance gets overlooked and the garden begins to look unloved and not a great place to be. Let us do it for you, keeping your garden in top condition, ready for those impromptu barbecues with friends, or hot weekends where you just want to chill out in the sun with a glass of something cold.


  • Lawn care
  • General maintenance
  • Planting
  • Hedge cutting
  • Hard Landscaping
  • Pond care

Lawn care


Hockley landscapes will transform your lawn, tackling the overgrown jungle, or dry brown thatch. We will visit as often as you need us to, and take good care of your lawn.

Lawns need:

  • Feeding
  • Watering
  • Scarifying
  • Aerating
  • Weeding
  • Seeding
  • Grading.

Proper lawn care is something that does take a little effort and time.

Poorly cared for lawns are everywhere, riddled with weeds, yellow because they lack nutrients,  or scalped by a blunt mower.

Why not talk to us about your lawn, you will be surprised what we can do, Whether you want us to come regularly and spend half a day gardening generally; or call every couple of weeks and look after your grass properly.

General garden maintenance

Do you have time to retreat your fences? Paint or re-felt the shed? Pressure wash the patio or decking? We think we know the answer to that already.

Hockley Landscapes will come and do it for you. Quickly completing the garden maintenance jobs which you you hate.


A love of ours is planting, pruning and shaping. We will get the most from your garden whatever the style. All year round there is something to be planted or pruned, trees and bulbs in the winter. Roses and bedding in the spring. Deadheading and autumn bedding in the summer. Winterising and maintenance in the coldest months.

We will give your garden the makeover it deserves.

Hedge cutting and maintenance

Traditional hedges are often left too long between cuts. Neglected until they’re covered in leggy shoots sticking out everywhere.

A good hedge needs to be trimmed more regularly, to focus the plant’s growth where we want it, not on long shoots.

We will reshape hedges, cut them regularly, and feed them to encourage tight lush growth.

Hard landscaping

We love all jobs in the garden and hard landscaping is no exception.


Hard landscaping is a general term which encompasses walls, fencing, patios, paths and decking.

Projects like this are often best started during the winter months, in the cold. Although it may be more enjoyable for us to be building in the sun, but tackling these jobs in the cold minimises disruption to you. We want to have these projects ready for the spring when you want to start enjoying your garden.

Find out more about hard landscaping, fencing and decking

Pond maintenance

Ponds are a passion of ours, water in the garden is amazing, as is the wildlife it brings with it.
We offer a full pond design and a pond maintenance service, visit our pond pages to find out more.

Why not consider Hockley Landscapes for your individual garden maintenance jobs. Or we can come for half a day or a day on a regular basis and tackle all of the jobs for you. We can mow, scarify and dressing your lawn. Weed your flower beds, painting your fences and cut your hedges. Clean and maintain your decking, patios and paths. We’ll even repoint and repair your garden walls. We are confident you will be pleased with our services, and you will be surprised how much garden maintenance we can get done each time we visit.