Front gardens and driveways

Front gardens are the most functional element of any outdoor space, providing you the access to enjoy it, but also often the most boring. But this need not be the case, getting rid of the conventional rectagular slab of tarmac and slightly ragged patch of grass and thinking further can give your home an amazing feel every time you come home, displaying your style to everyone that passes by.

A shaped driveway with space for planting can screen your neighbours gardens, provide easily maintained interest and colour which greets you and your visitors every day.

Using materials other than the usual tarmac or concrete, like york stone flags, or slate can really make your driveway become the envy of the street. Paying attention to the small details like kerbs, edging and walls, keeping hedges trimmed and the driveway swept make a huge difference.

Give us a call or email us to discuss your front garden, how we can help create an amazing space or maintain the one you have for you.