Quick facelift – Tamworth

This particular property was unusual in that the front of the house faced the canal, and the rear garden faced into the secluded parking for the properties.

The client always entered the property from the rear, up some mismatched steps and through a very tired old gate and rotten balustrade.

The brief was to tidy up the steps and replace the gate and balustrade.

The old gate and balustrade was removed, new, more substantial posts inserted and fixed in place. A deck handrail was then put in position with square spindles.

The unusual height of the rail meant that we couldn’t just buy and fit a gate, instead we made a new palisade gate to measure on site.

The steps had mismatched slabs and messy mismatched brickwork. The way they had been built meant that to replace just the steps and brickwork we would have to take down part of the wall and rebuild, driving up cost unnecessarily.

So we added a timber face to hide the bricks. On top of this was a timber rail. We allowed the nosin to stand above the level of the step by around 15mm.
We did this to allow for a resin bonded aggregate to be put on the surface of the steps, hiding the old slabs underneath. A quick but effective fix to a bit of an eyesore.