Beautifully designed and well built decking will transform the way you use your garden. For many DIY landscapers, awkward slopes, difficult features or outlook may present a problem. The thought of designing and installing decking can be a very daunting prospect.Decking with a rope ballustrade

A poorly designed deck can be an unpleasant experience; how many times have you walked on someone’s DIY decking and felt it flex underfoot; or shudder as people walk over it? It is worth investing a little extra into your deck and get it right from the outset.

There are many decking options:

  • Raised decking
  • Wooden, metal, glass or rope balustrades
  • Steps to deal with slopes or uneven surfaces
  • Multi-level with retaining walls
  • Simple deck at ground level
  • Sunken decks
  • Composite decking available in many colours
  • Feature and low level lighting.

Even the boards themselves have many choices, hardwood, softwood, non slip, composite and even artifical grass decking, different finishes and coatings, even minimal maintenance plastic and composite decking are becoming popular choices.

Decking: Think big from the start

There are many extra features that can be added to a deck. Plan them at the start if the project. Retro fitting any of these can be labour intensive.

  • Mood lighting
  • Power points
  • Speakers.

Any of these will make it an amazing space. Spend those warm summer evenings with friends with a barbecue and some music; or chill out curled up with a wood-burner taking in the night sky.

We don’t stop at new installations, we can clean, repair and re-treat existing decking, renew the deck boards, or retro-fit balustrades power and lighting to give your outdoor space a new lease of life.

We are sure you will be amazed at our designs and our quotes to transform your space, let us provide you a design and cost to take the headache away from you, and install and maintain a solid, quality deck that you can enjoy for many, many years. Why not contact us today?