This was a large expanse of decking for a customer in Chase Terrace. The garden itself was flat, but occupied by lawn, a tall privet hedge and a couple of unruly flower beds, which all needed removing before work could start. The decking itself was a softwood treated deck, with […]

Reinforced decking for hot tub

This particular property was unusual in that the front of the house faced the canal, and the rear garden faced into the secluded parking for the properties. The client always entered the property from the rear, up some mismatched steps and through a very tired old gate and rotten balustrade. […]

Quick facelift – Tamworth

decking tamworth
DIY softwood decking is a great project for those handy with wood and screws, with a few power tools and¬†several weekends to work at it. You can do so much with decking. You can really be creative¬†by running boards at different angles and directions to make shapes and patterns. Mitring […]

Decking, avoiding the pitfalls